Please see attached board report for the 56th Annual General Meeting for Canoeing Ireland.

Board Report to 2017 AGM

Before this Saturday 24th June 2017, please make sure you have confirmed you are a valid member of Canoeing Ireland on the Canoeing Ireland Database. This is in accordance per the Canoeing Ireland Rules book.

If you should be registered against a club and are not an individual member of Canoeing Ireland, please be aware of the following and contact your club secretary:

See below for the exact excerpt which relates to club delegates.

Rule 10.15

Club delegates authorised to act on behalf of a Club at an AGM / EGM must be registered members of Canoeing Ireland and of the club for which they act as delegate and must present written authorisation signed by their Club Secretary in order to exercise their club’s delegate vote. Failure to provide such notification will result in the Club delegate being excluded from voting at the AGM / EGM.

 Rule 10.16

Each delegate at an AGM / EGM shall cast votes on behalf of and in accordance with the wishes of the Member Club that the delegate represents.

 Please go to for the full list of the agenda for the AGM.