You will be aware through previous communications that Sport Ireland are conducting a Club Safeguarding Audit for all sports. This is a mandatory audit and must be completed by all clubs. The deadline for this audit is fast approaching, with clubs having until the 14th July to complete this audit.

You will be asked to answer a series of questions, we are asking that you do this honestly so that we have a good idea of any safeguarding gaps that exist within our club network.

The survey should be completed by either the Children’s Officer or Chair and only one survey should be completed per club.

A similar audit was completed by Sport Ireland for all sports governing bodies in 2019, this is the next stage of the audit process.

If you are an adult only club there is no requirement to complete the questionnaire, but please confirm this by return email.

The survey will soon be closing on Wednesday 14th July.

If you need any support or have questions relating to aspects of the survey please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The following supports are available to assist you (Please review these before you start the process)

  1. Slide deck from the information evening
  2. A Sport Ireland instructional video for using the system
  3. The list of survey questions
  4. A step by step guide to completing the audit.

When you are ready to complete the survey please access it below –


Once you complete the questionnaire your answers will be visible to both Sport Ireland and Canoeing Ireland simultaneously.

The Canoeing Ireland supporting documents, which may answer any questions you have are available here.