The Federation of Irish Sport has announced the launch of the 2023 Volunteers in Sports Awards, a highly anticipated event set to recognise the unsung heroes who breathe life into sports in every corner of the country. Paddlesports has always benefitted from the incredible network of volunteers all around the country in every corner of our sport, developing our sport and sharing their outstanding passion for the water.

These Awards are an opportunity to have the contribution of our volunteers recognised and celebrated on the national stage. Nominations for the awards are now open until Monday 18th December, and can be submitted below.

The 2023 award winners will be celebrated at an in-person awards ceremony, scheduled to take place on Thursday 29th February 2024. The nominations received will judged on the quality of the submission rather than quantity of submissions. This prestigious event will see 32 county awards presented, and one exceptional individual will be crowned with the coveted Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Speaking at the launch Federation CEO Mary O’Connor commented;

“The Federation of Irish Sport is once again delighted to host these awards with the support of the National Network of 29 Local Sports Partnerships. The awards recognise dedicated club members and celebrate the impact they’re having not just to their sports club but to the wider community. Recognising our volunteers in sport is hugely important and acknowledging them in this way serves as an important reminder of the significant economic and social value of volunteering in Ireland. We want to ensure that volunteers in sport know their dedication doesn’t go unnoticed and inspire more volunteers in sport.”

Mary O’Connor, Federation of Irish Sport CEO

The 2023 Volunteers in Sports Awards are more than just an event; they are a tribute to the unsung heroes who make sports happen in our communities. We encourage everyone to participate in this celebration by nominating the dedicated volunteers who deserve to be recognised for their exceptional contributions.