Canoeing Ireland alongside partners Irish Sailing, Cycling Ireland, Irish Surfing & Mountaineering Ireland are excited to host this event for you.

This event is designed to foster a community of empowered and fearless women in the realm of adventure sports.  The aim is to break down barriers, build confidence and create a supportive network for women who are passionate about pushing their limits in the great outdoors. It is about raising the standard and level of women into leadership positions, upskilling & trail blazing by growing the practice of mentoring, and education of mentoring.

MNÁ will cultivate a diverse community where women feel inspired, encouraged and equipped to pursue their adventurous dreams.

Who is the event for?

  • Those curious about mentoring in adventure sports.
  • Aspiring mentors and mentees.
  • Those recognising the value of mentoring to boost women’s representation in adventure sports.
  • Anyone who wants to be a part of this transformative conversation.

The event will take place in Tullamore Court Hotel between 10:00-17:30

Starting off with Keynote Speaker DR Karen Weekes
Insightful panel discussions featuring accomplished individuals sharing their mentoring experiences.

Engaging workshops on crucial mentorship topics, and an opportunity to pose questions to a panel to conclude the day.

And an opportunity to ask questions to the panel following the final panel discussion at the end of the day.

Your ticket will include all of the activity above, plus refreshments and a lunch at the hotel.
Ticket price is €30

At the end of this event, our goal for you is that you will have connected with likeminded people, cultivated the confidece to  approach potential mentors, gained the know-how to offer mentorship, and understand how mentoring can have a positive impact in your life.