AGM 2013 Minutes

Apologies these were not put up after the AGM last year it was an over site.

Minutes of TDU AGM 16/02/2013

Sport HQ 4pm

Committee Members in Attendence







Minutes of last year’s AGM adopted proposed and seconded

Geo read officers report visible on

Direct motion to CI AGM to direct the agm to make the databse the available

It was discussed that office staff missing in CI

Need to Direct CI to appoint training secretary and training officer

Child protection policy with NGB not in place according to TDU member?

There is draft document drawn up on Garda vetting but not sure what stage it’s at. This process is slow due to lack of staff in the office

Members are worried that clubs won’t be able to work with children due to new legislation in the future

Motion – proper training officer with clear roles and responsibilities and youth kayaking is very important

Alex treasurers report

7,000 odd membership

7,000 logbooks

22, 0000 instructor courses – figures from past CI president

Roles and responsibilities of any proposed job be clear and outlined and contained in the motion

Memos and articles need to be submitted by club and/or individuals

All assets belong to canoeing Ireland no matter what discipline have them

Report proposed and seconded

Query on the level 4 canoe instructor…More information to go circulate re canoe awards…

Motions to be adopted …changes to skills awards…

Open canoe awards be adopted andseconded

It was brough up the coastal nav to be integrated into the awards so you don’t have to do it separately if you don’t want to

Sea kayak changes proposed and seconded

22 people voted in to adopt changes awards

Suggestion to redefine what peer leadership means for sea award?

Changes to kayak awards – proposed and seconded

Paddlesurf skills scheme proposed and seconded

Adopt changes to L1 instructor award proposed and seconded

Registered BCU level 3 instructors (checked and verified) or equivalent can sign off hours proposed and seconded

It was clarified that tdu do not take instructorships back from people. So long as someone has a first aid cert and is a current member of TDU they are qualified instructors .

Tdu avails of experience in previous instructors in the delivery of courses…in favour 8: 5 against motion carried …incoming committee to encourage people to become involved more

Motion Cpd needs to be done once every three years….questions as to practicality of how this would work….

It was suggested amended to that motion until the proper infrastructure is put in place

The motion was withdrawn due to the logistical issues

Motion 7 for EPP defeated

More regionalisation and more representitve of the clubs ..some members want the tdu to help out with this

Cpds on specific topics to be run locally, build on success of women’s kayaking by running local events

Suggestion of training advisory panel…ask each club to send someone to address regional remit of club

Motion 8 withdrawn

Motion 9 withdrawn

Going back to level 3 instructor courses being 4 days in duration …motion ammended to say a minimum of two days in duration .. amended and second

Changes to constitution never put forward


Members were urged to attend march 9th Green Isle

Proxy system …..form downloadable from ci website..give it person you want to proxy

With clubs committee decides

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